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Kestrel is a top-rated Security Company in Singapore that provides a whole range of security agency services, from security audit, security guard services, event management security, as well as risk assessment audit and more.

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Keeping your business and customers safe.

  • Full on-premise security solution
  • Professional security guard services
  • Robotics

Securing your people, tangibles and data.

  • Security escort services
  • Cybersecurity / data protection solutions
  • Surveillance and monitoring

Making your safe space even safer.

  • Visitor management solutions
  • Asset management solutions
  • Guard patrol services

Guarding against external and internal threats.

  • Audit and investigation services
  • IP / trademark checks
  • Personnel background checks

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Kestrel is a top-rated Security Company in Singapore that provides a whole range of security agency services running from security audit, security guard services, event management security, as well as risk assessment audit and more.

As one of the top security agencies in Singapore, Kestrel has grown from strength to strength over the last 20 years and continuously develops and expands its capabilities to serve you and protect your business interests.

We pride ourselves as a security guard agency that goes above and beyond our call of duty to deliver the best possible security service standards to our valued clients.

Our clients know that when they engage Kestrel as their security agency, they are guaranteed an absolute peace of mind.

Being a leading security services company in Singapore, we know that our success comes from an unwavering commitment to always improve ourselves and never rest on our laurels.

People - our strongest asset

The quality of our security personnel shines through when put to the test. Each and every of them is trained and assessed for competence before being deployed to actual sites.

Even on site, training and refresher courses continue to be part of their routine work regiment, so that they are always kept at the best possible state of alertness and readiness to respond to any security incident.

Our refusal to compromise on personnel competency is a key factor in us consistently being awarded ‘A” Grade by the Police Licensing & Regulatory Department (PLRD) in the requisite annual grading exercise.

It is this dedication to strive for excellence that keeps us at the top as the best security agency in Singapore.

Our people have our backs, and we’ve got theirs. We fully support the Progressive Wage Model (PWM) for the security industry, with a well-designed career path for our staff to strive towards that puts them on track for promotion and pay increments as well as the opportunity to take on bigger roles and responsibilities.

We strongly believe that providing the best welfare for our people is the secret sauce to attract the best talents to participate in the security industry. 

Customised security solutions

Every security job has its own unique set of circumstances and requirements. This is why we tailor-made our security services to suit the exact needs and objectives of each client. 

Through an evaluation process based on risk assessment principles, our operations team reviews all possible security related concerns for your situation before making the necessary and appropriate recommendations to help you safeguard your business assets with efficiency and efficacy.

In addition to conventional security services such as deployment of security guards and installation of security related equipment, we at Kestrel continue to stay at the forefront of the security industry by constantly introducing innovation into our routine operations. 

One such outcome is the implementation of Security Management and Alert System (SMAS) and any feasible technology at all premises that we are engaged to secure. 

SMAS is a totalistic management and monitoring system that is fully developed in-house to streamline and digitise the majority of reporting requirements in our security guard and patrolling work. 

Cost-effective security solutions

Smart use of technology in our operations enable us to reduce manpower on run-of-the-mail tasks and allow us to relocate resources to more critical areas that further strengthen the security defences without increase in costs. 

With an optimal balance of security technical and well trained security personnel guided by a vastly experienced management command, we are able to deliver affordable security services to our clients that compliments their budgeting needs.

A security company in Singapore you can trust

So, if you’re in need of a trusted and reliable Singapore security guard company to secure and protect your business, Kestrel is the partner for you. Talk to us today.