True Leader in Loss Prevention

About Kestrel

We are an established and forward-looking total security solutions company with unrivalled expertise in loss prevention and risk assessment and management disciplines.

Different from the piecemeal and isolation-esque nature of security solutions offered by the majority of the competition in the market today, we focus on enhancing security awareness and alertness, as well as threat reduction, at an ecosystem level.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Hence, by approaching the security subject from an holistic perspective, covering multiple facets of management and routine operations, we help our customers design and implement - as well as maintain efficiently and effectively - a robust and responsive security network that can meet any internal challenge or external threat.

We also leverage on digital technology to enhance our security offerings, committing ourselves to continuous R&D and regular release of new security systems and equipment to meet the diverse security challenges of tomorrow’s ever-changing geopolitical and socio-cultural climates.

Kestrel is a recognised security services agency with EPPU Grade S6 eligibility all government and public tenders, is BizSafe Level 3 certified and consistently achieves top-tier scoring with the Singapore Police Licensing Regulatory Department (PLRD).

Your security is our business. And we will always be there for you, watching and protecting in silence.