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Kestrels are a type of falcon bird which does very well in urban environments. It is a usually quiet bird with a unique method of hunting which give rise to two older names - ‘windhover’ and ‘stand-gate’. Its peculiar way of hunting skills have given Kestrels the nickname of ‘policeman’. The organization’s philosophy is inspired by such characteristics of Kestrels while the nicknames matching the duties and responsibilities of our services. In Kestrel Investigation & Security, we keep a low profile while we ‘hunt’ for adversaries/risks in a quiet and skilful manner. We are discreet and unobtrusive while we work, yet, the results stand apart and reveal themselves.


At Kestrel, our strength lies in experiences with both private as well as government sectors of operations. This allows us to provide our clients with an understanding of the nature of their needs and thus deliver a standard of resounding satisfaction. Our reliability and steadfastness is built upon the belief that only what is delivered TODAY matters to our clients – an assurance of integrity and dependability.

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