About Kestrel

Kestrel is a security agency headquartered in Singapore that specialises in providing total security solutions - including security guard services, security management equipment and software, as well as security audit, assessment and consultation - to corporations, business owners, industrial facilities, government agencies and property owners, as well as non-profit organisations and institutions.

Our clients include some of the biggest and most well-known brands in Singapore, and have been with us for multiple years on end, continuing to place their trust in our expertise and competence to deliver them the security needed to protect their business assets and interests against both internal and external threats.

With more than 20 years of experience from involvement in a myriad of security operations in the Singapore armed and police forces as well as the security industry at large, Kestrel brings to the table a perfect balance of national security insights and real-world operational pragmatism which our clients strongly appreciate.

The result is that we intimately understand the environment that we operate in and how it affects our clients’ security agenda and objectives. As such, we are always able to execute a comprehensive security strategy to protect their interests with resounding success and to their utmost satisfaction.

Our vision and mission

Our Vision

To be the preferred security solutions provider of choice in Singapore, Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

Our Mission

To provide a holistic security risk management solution with investigative methods and technically competent workforce for achieving the highest level of risk mitigation and cost effectiveness.

Our Values


Our company name, logo and its significance

Our company is named after the kestrel, a type of falcon bird that does very well in urban environments. It is a quiet bird with a unique method of hunting which gives rise to two older names - ‘windhover’ and ‘stand-gate’.

Its peculiar way of hunting its prey has also given the kestrel the nickname of ‘policeman’.

We are inspired by the characteristics of the kestrel and its nicknames which aptly describe the duties and responsibilities of our work.

True to form, we keep a low profile and advance in a quiet, discreet and skilful manner when we ‘hunt’ for adversaries/risks. While unobtrusive and seemingly “invisible” when we are carrying out our security work, the results we produce stand apart and reveal themselves.

Our brand logo depicts a stylised form of a kestrel in flight, which symbolises our soaring ambition to be a leading force in the security industry.

The name of our company in bold capital letters and in strong red reflects our passion for our tradecraft and determination to give our best in whatever we do.

The logo is completed by 2 curved strokes that encompass the kestrel symbol and name, reflecting our all-round methodology and holistic approach to consider all factors in any solution we deliver to our clients, so that the optimal outcome is achieved.