Our Credentials

EPPU - Expenditure & Procurement Policies Unit – Grade S6

The Expenditure & Procurement Policies Unit, Ministry of Finance being the registration authority for suppliers of goods and services to all public sector agencies, including statutory boards (other than those under the purview of the Building and Construction Authority and the National Pharmaceutical Administration), it has stringent procedures which require companies to be financially viable with proven track records in order to participate in Government and Public Sector agency tenders. Kestrel is qualified as a Government and Public Sector agency supplier under EPU/SER/43 with Grade S6.

PLRD Grading

Security Industry Regulatory Department conducts grading exercise on security agencies. The regulator’s objective for this exercise is to gauge the service and security standards of the agencies in the private security industry and to provide to the buyers or consumers on the differentiated quality of security agencies for their information and selection. The grading is based on the “6 Pillars of an Effective Operational System”:- Operations Planning and Capability Management; Capacity of Operational Leadership; State of Knowledge Management; Quality of Manpower; Operations Support and Operations Delivery. Kestrel despite was a new firm during the launch of Grading Exercise; we took up the challenge basing on our steadfast planning and management skills. We are proud to obtain a good grading since inception.

BizSafe 3 - Certified

Safety is everyone’s business, and KIS is an enterprise that had implemented, practiced, documented and improved safety practices on a continuing basis. We had been committed to ensure that our workers are given care as they perform their tasks, returns home to their family safely and unharmed. KIS was approved to pass bizSAFE level 3 which is a programme build up for Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) capabilities in order to achieve quantum improvements in safety and health standards at the workplace. The key principles of the programme are to reduce risks at source, increase industry stakeholders' ownership and focus on achieving good WSH outcomes and systems rather than complying with prescriptive requirements. The world’s best enterprises believe that investing in WSH makes good business sense. It increases productivity, enhances corporate image and makes a positive statement about the values of the enterprise. Good WSH standards contribute to an enterprise’s competitiveness.

Loss Prevention & Risk Management Consultancy

Kestrel’s has our major expertise in Loss Prevention measures and practices which allows us to stand out differently from others. Our experience allows us to handle and liaise police incidents directly instead of hassling the management. Our Risk Management team also provide a cutting edge as we conduct a free risk assessment and recommendation to our client yearly. All risk mitigation measures recommended and implemented will be reviewed on yearly basis as well.