Besides our turnkey security management solutions, we also provide the following services:

Investigation and Surveillance

  • Commercial Cases
    • Commercial Frauds
    • Employees’ movements
    • Business and Persons’ background checking
    • Infringement of Trademarks, Copyrights & Patents
  • Criminal / Civil Cases
    • Fraud and theft
    • Pilferage (internal)
  • Matrimonial & Family Cases
    • Family disputes
    • Child custody
    • Tracing Spouse movements
    • Establishing evidence for Court Proceedings
  • Insurance Claims
    • RTA Cases
    • Insurance Frauds

Security Services

  • Security Audits and Survey -
    The scope of the review includes establishing the context, identification, analyzing, evaluation, treatment, monitoring and reviewing of risks present in an organization or building. This is a comprehensive review and documentation process.
  • Crisis Management Planning
  • Repatriation of workers & maids
  • Administration and management planning of gazette road closure
  • Uniform security personnel for Commercial, Industrial & Private residential premises
  • Loss Prevention consultancy
  • Training, deployment and management of Loss Prevention Officers and House Detectives
  • Personal protection (local & overseas assignment) for VIPs, high profile personals and celebrities.
  • Plainclothes personnel for hotels, prestige clubs and shopping centers
  • Security coverage and crowd control for assignments such as conventions, concerts, carnivals, private and major functions