Why Choose Us

Our unique and proprietary approach to total security management sets us apart from the rest of the competition in the market, and we possess distinct strengths and advantages that directly translates to delivering a more robust, efficient and effective security solution for your specific needs, where others could not.

Impeccable experience

Over the years, through countless partaking of security projects - including anti-terrorism and counter-terrorism - we have built a strong repute in our deep understanding and insights into the prevailing threat trends to both the public and private sectors that underlies the geopolitical and socio-cultural climate of our times.

Our security solutions are designed from ground up to combat these exact threats and dangers, and to keep you and your assets safe.

Multiple Singapore government agencies, government-linked companies, as well as established global and regional organisations have benefited over the years from the experience and insights that we infuse into the security solutioning that we developed for them.

Digitally driven

The future of our world is digital, and the earlier we embrace it, the faster we can harness it for our betterment, rather than being subject to the lurking threats and dangers it may also present.

Fully understanding that data, especially its subsequent analysis and extrapolation, is integral to building and upholding a robust security regime, our proprietary solutions - ranging from cloud-based managing systems and mobile apps, to futuristic sensory and reporting tools and equipment enabled by the Internet of Things (IoT) concept - allows key information and critical signals on the ground to be picked up and recorded instantly, and if necessary, escalated up the command chain so that decisions and be made quickly and decisive to neutralise and/or contain any security breach.

Cost effectiveness

In today’s competitive economy, we are aware of the budgetary pressures that our customers face in their security implementations.

However, we also know that the cost of inaction, neglect and complacency is even higher, and could be more than just financial and reputational loss; it could mean lives are at stake.

As such, at Kestrel we commit ourselves to help our customers alleviate such dilemmas and headaches by offering competitively priced security solutions that ease their spending, yet at the same time provide adequate, robust preventive and protective mechanisms such that their security requirements are not compromised.