Security Guard Services Singapore

If you’re looking for security guard services of the highest quality in Singapore, then your search ends here.;

Consistently achieving “A” grade in the annual PLRD grading exercise by the Singapore Police Force, Kestrel is an established security guard agency with a wealth of experience and expertise in protecting and securing commercial properties and business facilities, as well as other critical assets.

What makes Kestrel the right security agency for you?

Proficient security guard services isn’t just about providing security guards; it takes into account a holistic view of your physical security needs, and how they are aligned to your business’ strategic and operational goals.

At Kestrel, we approach security from a risk containment perspective.

By applying risk assessment methodologies in our analysis of your security requirements, we can establish a big-picture understanding of your priority security concerns, as well as threat possibilities that may have been overlooked.

From there, we formulate and implement for you a cost-effective security strategy that blends a perfect balance of the latest security technologies and apparatus with highly-trained security guard personnel.

But wait; there’s more.

Strategy and implementation are just 2 parts of the entire security equation.

By harnessing the tremendous power and convenience of cloud technology and Internet of Things (IoT), our security guard services are supported by a proprietary security system that records and tracks all data signals collected throughout the course of our security guards dispensing their daily duties.

This allows our central command to gain broad oversight of any situation at your premises, and take decisive preventive measures should any critical situation arise.

Get the best security company in Singapore

With incredulous situations surfacing at an increasing pace and intensity in our world today, the security challenges that every business faces cannot be understated.

In a volatile economy, it is all the more critical that your assets, facilities and operations are well protected to ensure survival and mitigate potential losses. For this, you need a reliable and trustworthy security firm that you know will always be there for you.

This is what we at Kestrel live for; to watch and protect you in silence.

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